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There were over 400 contest entries this year. Many really wonderful manuscripts were submitted. There were three phases of judging to narrow it down and then a very difficult final few from which to pick the winner. We congratulate all of you for the fantastic quality of manuscripts submitted this year. Dozens of manuscripts that did not win are worthy of being published and we encourage all of you who entered to keep up the good work of sharing the message of God!

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*GRAND PRIZE WINNER: K. DOUGLAS BROWN for Shotgun Rider: Restoring Passion for the Ministry Trail. Brown won a free, full-service, royalty-based publishing contract and his book will release in early 2015.

"You always wonder as you write if anyone other than your mother will think your work is good and worthy of publication. This recognition is certainly the greatest honor of my writing efforts yet," Brown said. "I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the team at Deep River Books and look forward to the days and months ahead and seeing what God will do with my book."- K Douglas Brown, Grand Prize Winner, 2014 DRB Writing Contest. 




*1ST RUNNER UP WINNER (NON-FICTION): DEEDEE CASS for Mother's Milk: Nutrition for the Faith of Your Child.

“I am grateful for Deep River’s recognition of Mother’s Milk: Nutrition for the Faith of Your Child as a valid model of instilling faith in the next generation. The revival of the family is crucial to my ministry purpose. Thank you, Deep River, for affirming my passion and supporting my cause. Now then, ‘Let justice roll like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!’ (Amos 5:24).” -DeeDee Cass, 1st Runner Up, non-fiction





“Last year I turned 60 and had decided I needed to give up writing altogether.  When I saw the contest from Deep River Books, I felt like maybe God was saying, ‘Give it one more try.’ When you called tonight to tell me that I was the first runner-up in the 2014 writing contest, I felt like God gave me the biggest hug ever. Thank you so much for the encouraging words and the opportunity to realize that God can use me, no matter what my age." -Carole Morden, 1st Runner Up, fiction












Shotgun Rider: Restoring Passion 
for the Ministry Trail - 
Shotgun Rider is about thriving in ministry, no matter your position. It’s about being at peace in the second seat . . . or the forty-second. Though the ministry ride usually begins with a spiritual and emotional high, riders soon discover there are valleys as well. With an honest and sometimes raw look into the state of ministry life, Pastor K. Douglas Brown helps riders find their way back, guiding them in rediscovering a love and passion for the ride. 


Mother's Milk: Nutrition for the Faith of Your Child -Seasoned Bible teacher DeeDee Cass reveals practical and creative ways to integrate Scripture into the lives of our children. Chapters are organized into twelve "Faith Feedings," building a faith progression that goes from "milk" to "solid food." For anyone who longs to edify and secure a child's conscience toward God and fulfill the biblical mandate to inspire faith in the next generation.  


Dry Bones - In this fast-paced mystery-thriller, pastor’s wife Jamie Lake is drawn out of the safety of her kitchen and into a world of danger when a dear friend from high school is murdered. Jamie learns she has inherited her friend’s estate, making her the number-one suspect in the murder. With her skill set as a pastor’s wife pressed to the brink, Jamie reunites the members of her high school mystery club to help solve the crime. But as Jamie closes in on the killer, the killer closes in on her.  


More Than Devotion - Salisbury invites readers on a unique fifty-day journey toward spiritual maturity. Each day of devotion begins with Scripture that underscores a precept, principle, or event to remember, followed by closely related accounts from the Old and New Testaments, and concluding with a practical call to action for a more intimate walk with the Savior.  

Shadow of God - Young Tamar, daughter of a high-ranking Jewish leader, is caught in adultery with a young Roman and brought to Christ by Pharisees who hope to trick him into violating Mosaic Law. Though forgiven by Jesus, Tamar must flee for her life and come to terms with the crushing burden of guilt and the implications that the man who forgave her might truly be God.

Here are authors that made it to the last round of judging and are 

being awarded a Certificate of Merit


David Donaldson   Don't Sing Another Man's Song: My Experience of Visionary Leadership in Kenya
David Hager   From Relationship To Covenant
Frank Shelton, JR.   Carrying Greatness
Jadie Hager   Dawn's Light
Jeff Morton    Hold the Starch: Finding the Truths of God in the Simple Things 
Willis Clayton Howell   VIRTUAL COFFEE: Meditations  
Judith P. Nembhard    Mr. Michael‚ Journeying with My Special Son
Lanny K. Cook    As You Take the Wings of the Dawn 
Leah Beaty    She Blooms! 
Pam Anderson    You Are the Needle and I Am the Thread 
Peter A. Kerr    Adam Meets Eve: 
Susanne Maynes    Crossing the River 
Suzy LaBonte    Zachary's Choice: Surviving My Child's Suicide 
Talli Moellering    Teen Sexual Health 
John H. Williams     Spiritual Street Smarts: The Gethsemane Protocol 
Alan N. Levy    “B”
Angele Liboiron    A Hopeful Heart 
Chery Saurer    Road To Rome 
Douglas Cornelius    A Time of Evil, A Place for Love 
Faith Fitt    30,000 Teachers 
Jimmy Root, Jr    Distant Thunder: Book One of the Lightning Chronicles 
Katherine McDermott    Hiding in Plain View 
Mark D. Gismondi    A Curse of Fortune 
Michael Parker    The Sword of the Mahdi 
Randal Pilz    Shi’mon’s Journey 
Robert M. Starr    A Walk in the Wilderness 
Wayne Gatley    Apostle’s Apprentice