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The name "Deep River" reflects our roots and the roots of our authors that "out of the heart will flow rivers of living water" to bring hope, healing, inspiration, and information to both believers and unbelievers.

Our new Web site is designed to showcase our wonderful authors and the powerful stories, teaching, and inspiration they bring to the world A RIVER wisdom, knowledge, and inspiration that flows from our authors' hearts, creating books that help readers grow DEEP in God’s Word and the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our Web site provides a new, more informative, more author-active site. First, it makes our site much more author interactive by giving us a place to showcase our authors and the powerful material they continue to produce. It also provides a way to keep you informed of our author appearances and events so you can follow your favorite authors as they speak, do author signings, write blogs, and appear on radio and TV. 

Other new features include a newsletter that our readers can sign up for to help keep them informed as well as a bookstore where they can purchase our titles direct, at deep discounts and with special savings. 

And, of course, this Web site provides a clear step-by-step understanding of our author partnership in describing how we mentor new authors and bring them into our growing family of successfully published authors.

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